A propos of nothing much

Yesterday it was freezing cold to start the day, but later it got to 22degC and was beautifully sunny. I had to really thrash myself to get out of the house, but finally made it to the bank and down to the beach. The beach at Somerton was almost deserted, it being Friday afternoon with everyone at work except the rich, idle, unemployed and pensioners. I parked easily right opposite some stairs onto the sand, with pensioners occupying the park benches along the foreshore. They were all too boring to photograph, so I concentrated on the sand, where a fresh crop of seaweed and shells had been washed in. There were unusually large numbers of quite pretty shells for this beach- baby boomers like me have collected all the shells during their childhoods maybe; the remainder are harvested for eating and never see a beach.

Freshly beached

Freshly beached

I walked right along the line where waves were reaching on the inward tide, trying to capture photos of shells with retreating bubbles and foam. There were mainly cockle-type shells, oysters and mussels; a few with lovely pink pearly interiors; others with lovely raised textures and stripes on the outside.

This is my favourite:
Bubbles and pearls

Here are two more:

Just an ordinary shell

Just an ordinary shell

Lovely textured ribs

Lovely textured ribs

And some fresh corally-looking orange seaweed:Corally seaweed

There were two guys riding surf skis or kayaks just coming in and I managed to capture one of them carrying his ski back into shore:



There were one or two families who must have been holidaying from overseas, so I grabbed a photo and sexed it up a bit by making it look like moonlight!

Somerton moonlight ;)

Somerton moonlight 😉


One thought on “A propos of nothing much

  1. They. are. Amazing! The ‘moonlight’ one is simply stunning!!!

    I’m glad u still get yourself out and about and kick the Black Dog in the ball$ now and again. You GO, girl 🙂
    Mal 🙂

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