What do they eat for crib??

Evangeline and I have been having some interesting “discussions” about what to give miners (the underground type, not the flying, tweety ones…) for their snack or “crib” that they eat underground mid-shift. These people are working 12 hours on, 12 hours off for 5 to 7 days in a row. I found some studies of gold miners overseas which looked at their health and noted stomach cancer was one problem they seemed to have an excess of. I thought that studies of Welsh miners had shown they die of heart disease due to eating a fatty and monotonous diet, but I haven’t looked for the research evidence of that yet. I know the Welsh in general have a terribly high rate of cardiovascular disease related to high cholesterol and lack of aerobic exercise- but doesn’t that apply all over the Western world? …What about Australian miners? With this new regime of less miners being employed (due to the mines trying to save on salaries in the economic downturn and falling demand for certain commodities, eg. iron, copper and tin), our current miners are being subjected to longer shifts than recommended. Since unions have been virtually eliminated from influencing working conditions in mining, the usual 7 to 8 hour working day has disappeared. I wonder how miners can look after themselves regarding diet and exercise twhen they are maybe working 8 hours, driving 2 hours and sleeping 8 hours each day?? How do they cook or buy decent food, how can they exercise regularly and appropriately. How do they get vitamin D if they never see the sun? …More later…
Here’s a pic of Amelia-Jane down the mine from her Facebook profile:

A-J and her drill rig down the mine

A-J and her drill rig down the mine

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