Boing!!!…Apparently useless idea…

I had this HUGE IDEA (I thought)- about creating a Think Tank composed of interested people who felt they were underemployed doing what they do now. As an Aquarian, my ambition was to come up with some ideas about possible solutions to current local and world problems, new inventions, new slants on old “think-tanking” I thought there was a chance we might happen upon some projects for people to attack which might link up with real-life work. Maybe we might even have discovered some real jobs for some of us to do who feel rather wasted being unemployed… However, almost everyone I’ve spoken to about the idea has been very discouraging and has seemed to miss the point entirely. My best friend thought I wanted to start a Think Tank to help friends and others make better job applications, to write better resumes and polish up on skills we didn’t have- she couldn’t comprehend that we might like to discuss new things where there might be no pay; another friend thought this was totally mad and that I should take ONE of my own ideas and immediately seek funding for it and keep trying until it was running, then sell the whole shebang and move onto another idea…; another thought I would have to get a lot of funding from somewhere before anyone would consider joining anything like a Think Tank. It’s all been very discouraging for me, since I’m depressed in the first place. Is it just a dumb dream, or could something like this take off? Tell me dear blog readers- what do you reckon?


8 thoughts on “Boing!!!…Apparently useless idea…

  1. It sounds like a pretty decent idea 🙂 Get a group of unemployed or casually employed people together to try and find some solutions to society/the worlds problems. The more minds coming up with ideas and the variety of skills each person can bring into each project would be priceless!! If you can find a willing group of people I think you should go for it. If I wasn’t working I would love to join. Maybe you could email me a few ideas you have and I’ll email back my thoughts etc on them 🙂

  2. It’s a good idea. What I think your friends may be saying is that for the concept to lift off you need recognizable credible people already working with you on the idea.

    It should be possible, but perhaps you need to start small, laying the foundation all the time with each step…?

  3. It is a great idea, there’s no doubt about that. My first thoughts are: Are there other groups, either online of offline, already doing this? I’d be researching that side of the idea first, to see if the concept is unique or needs redoing. Can you expand further on where you see this idea going, and have you got an idea already from where this project can start?

  4. I’m not quite sure where you’re going with it exactly but it sounds great. Look at the Garden Guerilla mob and how that started. Or the Choir of Hard Knocks. Find something you’re passionate about K that will not take enormous amounts of resources on your part in the start up phase and your passion will attract others to you. Go for it.

  5. Brilliant!
    You are indeed embracing the Age of Aquarius conception of a brave new world.
    And who better to start things spinning…an Aquarius!
    Count me in!

  6. I am with you on this. It is a good idea, you could probably find some like-minded groups online. The people around you would feel more convinced if they felt that there were others doing it too and once you have that few people to begin with rest will follow suit. good luck!

  7. I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea and something that many could benefit from (including yourself). I wouldn’t bother with those already set up, it seems to me that you’ve got your own great ideas on this, run with them and try and get something established and get others involved with it!

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