Catching up

I haven’t felt like blogging much since Marmy died, but there are a few snippets to catch up on now I am feeling a little better. The impetus for positive thoughts has been my sudden decision to visit Tasmania for a week, using My Rudd’s $900 for the fares etc. I SHOULD pay off my credit card a bit, but f**k that! A person needs a solid mood lifter and a trip to the wilderness will do it! I was FB messaging with Evangeline a few nights ago and hearing how A-J’s shifts were going down the zinc mines- she had suddenly had her Easter break killed off in spite of bookings for the mainland. I decided to just sod everything else and head over. Booked it all online in a trice- just me going without Spotrick. Evangeline and I will drive and walk around the bush taking zillions of photos.
Developments at home that have helped or hindered things recently have been a) the decision to have Pascale sent to Kitty Heaven in a hurry as his irritable bowel illness was failing to improve any more on high-dose cortisone- he couldn’t come inside the house any more, was not cleaning himself and was unpleasant to wash and brush, poor old thing. We had persisted with him for many years while he was OK to cuddle and sleep on the bed, but his life was becoming a misery for all. He was only 8, came from the RSPCA shelter via a vet’s rooms and had always been a likable although cockeyed cat! RIP Pascale, forever remembered for his odd sleeping spots!

..on a stack of egg cartons

..on a stack of egg cartons

After trying to load the image multiple times, I’ve lost my track.. hmm. What else. We are supposed to be getting ready to go out to winery for a platter lunch…
Oh yep- I had this weird snorking germ and so did everybody else in the metro area, I think- it felt like our mucus membranes were coated in liquid GladWrap and asthma and hayfever symptoms burst forth. Yuck Gone now- I had to take some cortisone tablets- got so tired from lack of oxygen.
Have had my pills increased and they are doing a bit more good- hence some enthusiasm. I actually got encouraged by Spotrick being off work for 2 weeks and clearing the backyard. I have done some thorough housework for the first time in months. I have been barely able to drag the vacuum cleaner around one room once every 2 weeks, now I have given several places a thorough scrub and clean. I even cleared up the kitchen and stove top after cooking messy old murgh massalam last night! Woot!! Will try to create new habits, with the aid of a suggestion from a blog commenter, who said I could get friends to ring me each morning to see how my routine was going.
I am attacking my uni work and have done piles of editing on the courseware I am assisting with. i have the bones of my first assignment nutted out and I’ll go see a lecturer this week to see if I’m on the right track. It’s the qualitative methodology course that I really disagree with in principle- it just ISN’T what I’d consider a good standard of content or assessment for a Masters’ level unit- and that’s that! yet it’s compulsory- so I have to live with it.
I have been less interested in my photography and Flickr for ages and maybe that will creep back to me as I get into more of a routine with other stuff- Tasmania is certainly the thing to look forward to for new subject material- can hardly wait to see the rainforests with their huge myrtle beeches, hanging mosses and tree ferns!
OK- so that’s got me blogging again- now for some real life! Seeya later!
Some totally un-Australian cottage flowers I saw while out walking yesterday:
Very un-Australian- but great for Mr Hallmark!

Very un-Australian- but great for Mr Hallmark!


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time in Tassie. You deserve to have a bit of fun. I hope you have as good a time down there as I am having in Darwin. Does one wonders to break routine. hugs

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