I’m not coping- the structure is melting away. I’m missing Marmy and I don’t seem to be able to keep up with the routine stuff- discovered the car rego was 2 weeks out of date- luckily a policeperson didn’t catch me on the way home. Had to park in a carpark that would take a credit card as not enough change when I tried to park in the street. I still have cheques that need cashing from last August (not for more than a few dollars, though)- I guess they’ve been killed off by now- the bank is always shut when I drop by and then I leave home without them when it’s open. At least I haven’t run out of petrol- only need to fill my little tank once every 6 weeks! Perhaps I need a new kitty- but would I look after it? Having enough trouble remembering to give Pascale his cortisone twice a day- he’s not getting well either, poor thing. I feel as though I’d like to win the lottery and go away on holidays right now- someone save me- someone rich and generous, that is!

That was lovely- can I go again?

That was lovely- can I go again?

Norway was so gorgeous- I guess New Zealand would do!

Sweet Marmy.

Sweet Marmy.


4 thoughts on “Floundering

  1. I find having SOME accountability helpful. E.g., could you ask a friend to call you every morning for a week when she is on her way to work so you could tell her how you did in keeping to your structure the previous day. The following week, ask her or another if they would accept your morning call to report you’ve started your day/routine. Then something for the third week. “They” say it takes 21 days to (re?)form a habit.

    Stopping in via 52WoC.

  2. Thank you Lynn Stevens for suggesting the idea of lining up friends to help me- I usually tell people this who have trouble with cutting or bingeing- didn’t think I could work it for feeling down; but I MUST organise this. Thanks for the hugs, Mal- I don’t tend to swing UP a lot…I wish I did, and less down. Working on going up permanently. Thanks Rachel- I definitely need the holiday and was not thinking it was possible a few days ago. However, now I have organised to make a week’s visit to Tasmania to see Evangeline and her daughter in Zeehan. Mr Rudd is paying for the airfares- going Adelaide/Melbourne/Burnie; being collected by 4wd ute from there, driven 2.5 hours to Zeehan, then back the same way 8 days later!! Yeeharr!! A week of seeing the Tasmanian wilderness including the Tarkine that was featured in The Australian Magazine this weekend!!

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