Progress- Da-dah!! on the five projects meme

I have made a little progress on some of my five projects for the Five Projects Meme started by Rantz.

On the project involving making beads from my glass work so that they can be threaded, I have discovered that a Nichrome wire can be baked and fused into the glass without it melting and getting out of shape. This means I could make pendant-style beads. Since I don’t do hot-torch bead-making, the difficulty with fused kiln-formed glass is getting an actual hole to stay open! Usually glass just melts into a flat lump or patty unless there is something heat resistant for it to “mould” around that doesn’t make the glass crack. Therefore, a piece of wire to form a loop on the edge would be an easier solution than making a hole. I discovered all this info at “Glass fusing made easy ” and can buy some of the special high-temperature wire at a bead shop not far from home.
I’ve also made some progress on getting some photos of hard landscape. Some recent excursions down the coast and walks around my neighbourhood have yielded a few possibilities:

Fence glow

Fence glow




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