Unusual views

I can be a bit hard to take for some peeps with some Unusual Views on some topics, eg. private health insurance (I think it should be illegal!); but the Unusual Views I’m aiming at here are photographic ones.

As I’m the group co-ordinator for the South Australia/Northern Territory section of Flickr Australian Photographers fortnightly amateur competition, I picked this as a topic for the latest episode.
Flickr Australian Photographers SA/NT
The TOPIC for February 1st half is:
Unusual views!

By this I mean photos taken from odd angles, unexpected points of view, tricks of perspective and size, distorted by curved surfaces in reflection, in pools of water, bent by deep water- all those sorts of things that make you look twice to figure out what is going on!

Have fun doing this one- try some experiments and come up with something you’ve never done before. Purely colour changes are not acceptable- it has to be a different VIEW!

Off you go again on your photographic explorations- extend yourself; excite yourself; amaze yourself with your creativity!

Closes 15 Feb at Midnight.’

If you haven’t looked at the amazing pix a few people have submitted already, I urge you to visit.

I always have my eye out for unusual views anyway- here are a few from my photostream:

Bloggers thigh

Blogger's thigh

Odd reflections in an odd water feature

Odd reflections in an odd water feature

It WAS raining

It WAS raining

3D streetart by Jules

3D streetart by Jules

Dont sit down

Dont sit down

Through rusted wire

Through rusted wire


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