Slinkin’ up on some links

Since Shai Coggins has a regular blog feature on interesting links (Web Wednesdays), Samela Harris has a newspaper column on interesting and amusing ones (The Advertiser in Adelaide; a division of, and Steve Davis has a radio program on them (Adelaide Radio 5AA), I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve come across in the past week.
As it’s been hot and I’ve been unable to settle for long on practical tasks, I’ve done a bit of websurfing- some relevant to current concerns; some serendipitous.

Firstly, as I’m always looking for more info concerning photography, I came across this site on excellent Black and White photography: . For instance:
1st Place – Outstanding Achievement
Maleonn MA – China (PRC)
Chinese Story, No.2

Since HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography has become very popular of late I was exploring the possibilities of doing it myself, although I find a lot of HDR pix overdone and far too colourful for my taste. This How-To article sets it out in simple steps- have a go:

For a really excellent blog, I’d recommend:
This is Snailrind on who is a bit (!!) of a writer and reviewer. Her old blog entry “Atheists and Anger” is a well-researched classic for those interested in the meaning of life and all that. Snailrind can rant with the best of them and I find her very invigorating! Friend her on if you wish.

While I’m raving about Plurk connections, some of you might to give Blorge a go: The title “Technology with attitude” might not suck in the right sort of readers- but when you explore a few of the “behind the scenes” articles on using computers at work and play, you might be drawn to read more (as I was). By the way KDFrawg of writes quite a bit for Blorge, especially on Macs.

That’s about it- getting a bit long!


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