Five Projects meme

After being tagged in Rantz’s meme-blog on Five Projects (+1), I am finally having a go on 27Jan 2009.

Pillar of wisdom

Pillar of wisdom

It’s a bit of a trial choosing just five things to nominate as the projects:
1. Enrol in and complete Semester 1 2009 Public Health at Adelaide Uni.
2. Make 5 flat clear glass beads with holes for stringing (never done small things with holes before). Make them in my kiln.
3. Take five semi-abstract photos of hard landscape, eg. Buildings, pavement, sculptures etc, suitable for putting on
4. Try five new recipes and feed them to Spotrick.
5. Visit 5 art galleries and learn something from what I see.

Plus 1 is even trickier- I’ll leave that for later.

It’s even worse trying to tag 5 people as I’ve already been in some tagging exercises in Facebook and Flickr. I’ll go away and think about that now. Hey- perhaps that could be the +1 project, hehe!

3 thoughts on “Five Projects meme

  1. Good on you 🙂 Hope you keep pushing thru your darker days… look for the light at the end of the tunnel – it ISN’T an oncoming train, I swears! lol [[[friendly hugs]]]

    Mal 🙂

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