man and sea

man and sea

Originally uploaded by paololivorno

I’m amazed how this photo was possible! The colours are obviously enhanced, but to great graphic effect. I noted the subtle re-use of a certain large companies logo with great amusement- they sure are ‘waste-not, want-not’ , these fishermen! It’s confronting to think about the expensively togged up photographer going out on the boat with them and getting a photo that HE will be famous for rather than them.


One thought on “man and sea

  1. Yay for us sailors! heh heh. When it comes to the water, we’ll do almost anything to try and catch just that little extra bit of wind. tho I can’t really talk… i haven’t even taken my little sailing dinghy off its trailer this season yet. D’oh!

    Great colours, tho, huh?

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