Dolce Far Niente

This is far too clever not to blog about! Love it!!
Her explanation goes as follows: Dolce Far Niente

I took this photo 2-3 months ago, when all I wished was to spend a few days relaxing like that.
This holiday season that’s pretty much what I’ve done. Relaxed, stayed by the pool, took many pictures, had fun with friends.
But this coming monday *it* starts all over again. I had never had problems with mondays, but this time I do πŸ˜›

About this photo, it’s all real, I had even recorded a video to show the non-believers that the bug is alive and really holding the “newspaper” up, but it turned out too big and youtube isn’t accepting it.
Anyway, when I took the vamos Γ  la playa photo, I actually had this “dolce far niente” in mind. I had been wooing this little parasol for quite a long time (it’s my brother’s) and one night I had insomnia, I was thinking about what bug would be big enough for a photo with the parasol and had the brilliant idea of capturing – guess what? – a cockroach.
That was such a stupid idea!! I set out to the street wearing my pajamas and… People… cockroaches stink so bad!!! LOL! I had never gotten so close to one before. Also, I didn’t know that they do chase YOU! Flying! Luckily there was nobody around to see/hear me screaming is disgust and running back inside the house! πŸ˜›
Ah… all these found memories and adventures with the animal kingdom. πŸ˜›
So finally, eventually, my mother found this Scarlet Lily Beetle – (Lilioceris lilii) aka Lily Leaf Beetle – which is cute, clean, slow.
I made the cardboard box chair, cut and clipped a piece of newspaper, set all up and took the photo πŸ˜‰

I can’t imagine how much time and patience it took to come up with this. What a terrific use of diverse resources!
Annuska Rocks!


One thought on “Dolce Far Niente

  1. Thank you so much for sharing peoples’ passion for artistic expression. It sure inspires, huh? Macro photos have always excited me, simply because it’s a close-up viewpoint we rarely think of seeing, even if it’s a totally normal mundane thing. But that pic sure aint mundane! lol

    I love browsing thru Flickr too. There’s soo much fascinating stuff on there… and i never have to worry about accidentally stumbling across any pron or anything yukkie either. yay!

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