De-toxing you from gobbledy-gook!

I have to pre-blog this topic so I don’t forget to write about it. I know it’s another boring health topic, but I’m quite passionate about that sort of stuff, so I’ll danged-well blog about it, OK?

First: YOUR LIVER is your body’s detoxifying organ!!!!! You DO NOT NEED to rid your body of “toxins” and “poisons” and “chemicals” because the flaming liver does it. If you’ve killed your liver by overloading it, there ain’t much you can do about it except take nasty medicine and have a transplant!

I will explain this crap shortly (as I do everything very shortly!)

Also, I am constantly amazed how even the most sensible and intelligent of people believe in this “detox” business and will go through endless expensive and painful rituals in order to pander to their beliefs. Perhaps it’s that old thing about needing to believe in something, and worshipping at the altar of “weird new-fangled versions of health” rather than at a conventional altar like religion or guruism. I must have a go at “guruism” some time too… People do get a lot of unnecessary clutter in their heads, that’s for sure! BBIAB.

I was newly inspired (after despairing of anyone authoritaive saying anything to back up my ravings) by spotting this on the TV news and on the interwebs:

I suppose some people get confused when they see reports of so-called “celebrities” (there’s another burning blog-topic for me…) going “into detox” for drug or alcohol problems. What that really means is REVERSING INTOXication with too much of the substance, by cutting it out of the diet and possibly using something else to help repair the damage, eg. This poor young man seems to be over-medicating himself with unsuitable substances in order to deal with the death of his mum (Farrah Fawcett) and other probable huge holes in his life. He needs repairing and rebuilding, as well as detoxifying! I doubt he’ll get it in any celebrity rehab unit, but I can’t do anything about it.

Drugs and alcohol are basically true poisons to the human system, and if too much is consumed, the system acts “poisoned” and has to be detoxified if the person is to live any sort of functional life afterwards.


One thought on “De-toxing you from gobbledy-gook!

  1. I’ve always found that when i simply drink my 8-glasses of water a day kinda thing, my liver and kidneys do what they’re designed to do! Why should I pay some mug all my money for some amazing detox therapy when my bodys’ already been created with their own stuff that works just fine thank-you-very-much?! heh heh. Take for example all these pain meds I’ve been on since Xmas… i’m simply drinking lots of juice and water, and it’s basically flushing out all the lingering crap out of my system as a result. no pills, no special diet, no standing-on-my-head facing the full moon shite for this little black duck! hahahaa.

    Hope you don’t mind me rabbitting-on commenting in your blogs, ma’am?

    Mal 🙂

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