Quick flurry

I haven’t really gathered any great thoughts together lately as I’ve been seeing too much action IRL- which is a good thing!

We had a lovely impromptu trip down to Moana Beach

Moana Beach
Moana Beach

on Friday, where I had a swim in the ocean/gulf and several of our group rode Georgie’s ATV. We went with new friends, whom we met through Facebook and Plurk: Bridie (Evangeline on Plurk), her son Michael (a web designer/marketer; who had the ute with the ATV on the back), her daughter Amelia-Jane (who is a mine driller in Zeehan, Tasmania), their friend Georgie with her nephew, Elias (who was visiting from Sydney, even though he’s only 6!).

There was much mobile phoning back and forth to locate each other on the hugely long beach- they were down the end where vehicles are allowed on the beach- where we had never been before.

On the beach
On the beach

Steve bought us a great heap of fish and chips for lunch at the Deep Blue Cafe and we polished those off while getting started with the ATV.

I bravely went into the sea for a swim- and found it surprisingly warmish in the water- thank goodness!

Blue boy, board, sea, day.
Blue boy, board, sea, day.

Young Elias had a new body board to try out and Georgie was trying to teach him how to catch a wave. Soccer is Elias’ forte, obviously!! He demonstrated this by the way he was dressed when first running up and down the beach:

Soccer boy
Soccer boy

While I was catching some great little waves, and Elias was learning the surfing trade, the others were busy riding up and down on a little 50cc ATV, that Amelia_Jane had sold to Georgie before going mining in Tasmania last year. It was brand new, really and looked very cute. Several people roared up and down on it, making neat treadmarks in the sand. However, before Spotrick or I could get a ride, Michael killed the engine by going a little too deep in the water! He seemed to have forgotten (in his youthful zeal) that this was not an amphibious vehicle!

Non-amphibious ATV!
Non-amphibious ATV!

Amelia-Jane was umm…slightly livid??…or at least, a delightfully flattering shade of mauve! They tried everything to get the thing dried out and going again, but to no avail. I think the electrics had been swamped and needed an overnight spell to come good again. No water got into the engine- it was just splashes- will be interesting to hear how things went subsequently! Michael is definitely in the bad books at the moment! Spotrick wasn’t going to be much use fixing it- he did a Myer-Briggs type test at work that showed that 98% of the world’s population is more practical than him! Bwahahaha! I soooo agreee! (Sorry Spotty)

Now I have to have a shower and buzz off to the Alexandrina Cheese Comapny for lunch! More laterz! Plus pix!!

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2 thoughts on “Quick flurry

  1. Sounds like you’re enjoying your summer together. Tis great beach weather, isn’t it? Glad you met-up with some online locals too… they are always enjoyably positive experiences.

    trying to find someone you’ve never physically met before on a long beach must have taken a bit of giggling about… I bet you’d walked straight past one-anothers as well already? heh heh.

    Mal 🙂

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