Blogging under pressure

The powers that be (especially referring to Charlie) say a blogger must blog. So I am.

The Sparkles Party on Saturday evening was really good- I didn’t drink too much and got up and danced a bit, while various companions got completely plastered, or stayed in a corner conferring or went to sleep on the sofa!

Dancing in the almost dark

Dancing in the almost dark

The mango daiquiris I mixed up before we went were really yummy and disappeared quite quickly. Some other people made some tasty apricot and strawberry cocktails, although i wasn’t impressed with the Listerine-coloured ones! Robyn said they stripped the enamel off her teeth and I don’t think she’s far wrong! There were a few extra people along whom I hadn’t met before, eg. Leila, who turned out to be interesting to talk to- she’s a journalist and news databasey human apparently.

Leila (with Charlie)

Leila (with Charlie)

I was surprised and rather ‘shocked’ that so many people lit up cigarettes during the evening- I thought most of us were old enough to have got a handle on what a stupid and dangerous habit this is, (boring old public health brain is cutting in here)- especially since there was a bunch of 7 to 14-year-olds on the sidelines as well! Naughty people- master your addictions and live longer why don’t you!!? You just look silly with your mini-BBQs on a stick!!

It was sad to see Odi wasn’t there- his coming to live with Charlie and leaving again has completely confused me- probably permanently, as I guess it’s their private thing. I thought he was rather a cute little fellow- if a bit, ummm…unpredictable sometimes??… See- I say what I think and someone might kick me in the teeth for it- but, that’s me! I can’t pretend to be someone else in a blog!

I was glad Bridie came along, as she was away hiding in Tasmania for quite a while and we didn’t know what to make of it, lacking any explanation!

Ninja Bitch had a good blog post [] about her daughter doing very well in the highschool matriculation exams- I’m so glad there are some kids in the world who manage to use their brains a bit these days! Dana mentioned that her daughter had also done well in the NSW HSC and several other friends’ kids got good results- yayy!! I don’t remember our parents being all that impressed when we left school and choofed off to uni in the big city- they just seemed to take it for granted and wish we’d done even better, even when I got into Medicine and my best friend Jeannie, into Physiotherapy. Different times…

I guess that’s enough for tonight, although I could keep boring myself to death if you like!

Oh yeah- I made some jewellery and took it along as Chrissy presents for anyone who wanted something on Saturday

Cute earrings

Cute earrings


3 thoughts on “Blogging under pressure

  1. Hello, I’m SL. You dropped me a line once asking me about the name of my mascot…sorry for not replying right away, have been busy with holiday rush and all…Grumba is short for Grumbacher, which is a brand of artists’ paints that I use and found it fitting to name my blog mascot (white lion).
    By the way, those are nice earrings that you made!

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