Not good to know!

At the mo I am mad and bad and not good to know!! Grrrr…. Spotrick has just come home and said there was more whingeing at work from a certain wellknown loudmouth…”Bitch!!”, he said. SO there is a bit of it about! I’ve deliberately stopped Plurking and FaceBooking as everyone and everything is irritating me. Apparently this is a stage I’m supposed to expect in starting a new medication..the old bit where you become more aggressive, irritable and active and “might have thoughts of harming self or others”. Well, watch out- I could harm anything at this point- the poor car copped it yesterday when I encountered a heap of detours for roadworks, things at home got thrown, broken and sworn at; and when someone stood me up for coffee after I’d gone into the city and paid a fortune for parking, I was ropable! Today I have just been lurking in bed and reading- not a single cat wanted my company, so they’re obviously very perceptive! Hardly a scrap of housework got done and I’ll scream at 120 decibels if Spotrick mentions it! I did manage 2 loads of washing, so that’s quite a milestone for me on such a cranky day! I hope I don’t strangle a cat or smash anything valuable…wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “Not good to know!

  1. [[[hugs]]] I honestly hear where ur coming from… i have those moments from time to time. Sometimes it just feels safer to hide in your ‘cave’ than venture out into the world somedays, huh? Sorry u got stood-up for a coffee after all that hassle.. that’s a right royal pain, huh?

  2. it’s often cathartic to break stuff (that needs breaking preferred like glass for slumping or tiles for mosaics). If that doesn’t work, I bet Spotrick has an old cardigan you hate – shred it for him!
    Hope your symptoms don’t last long dear. *hugs*

  3. Hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know what you are going through and I like Mal retreat into my cave as it is easier to avoid the triggers sometimes.

    I can recommend getting a bit of hebel or sandstone and bashing away at it as it does give a good release. Especially sandstone as it is forgiving for hard bashing.


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