Backing up to slam the knockbacks

This last week I’ve actually got a few things started. Even a few finished- the black delustred satin jacket for the wedding last Saturday was a major victory; but circumstances have been knocking me back at a rate of knots. If you’ve read UADLTAE before, you’ll know I have major probs doing anything due to inability to summon up enough motivation- and also that I HATE setbacks (grrrr- need an emoticon…).

OK- I got all fired up (pun…???) and put my dark blue glass into the kiln to finish my friend’s Christmas present from LAST YEAR. I had delayed doing this for various reasons- mainly trepidation that the whole thing would smash if I tried to drill out the large air bubbles in the glass that occurred mainly around the palladium leaf inclusions. So, worked myself into a Dremel frenzy and attacked the bubbles- tool- tick; assembled correctly…after a few tries to get the drill spinning… tick; water flowing across the surface…partial tick- difficult using electricity and glass; danged HARD glass to drill- skidding off the bubbles etc; finally.. tick!!! All the holes drilled and no smashing. Phew! Now- into the kiln…how the hell do I program a slump…Hmm- well to cut a long story short, I programmed, slumped and it was a bit overcooked. However, the bowl looks pretty good and only needs a few drag-trails ground back on the edges due to the slightly long holding time.

Leaf bowl

Leaf bowl

However, the lovely turquoise segmented bowl with the river running through it got quite overdone and is not good… Would take about 12 hours to redo to the same stage, and I haven’t got any more of the turquoise glass- would cost me a mint to buy at the moment… So there’s  a real knockback. I must go out there and retrieve it from the kiln and put it aside. My time would best be spent making something completely fresh and forgetting about that one, but it’s hard. It looked so pretty before slumping:

Aqua rivers

Aqua rivers

Now is the time to do something simple again- I might carry the idea of my Riverine tile on into some more dishes as lots of people liked it and it reminds me of my Colin Heaney bowl.

Another hiccup last night when I tried to start a knitted hat for a friend for Christmas- couldn’t find any circular knitting needles- not a sign of more than one spare straight needle in the whole house- what the?? Will try again today.

OK- so I can try to make some felt tree decorations for Christmas- I fancied some small owls and mooses, inspired by some photos on Flickr. Our Christmas tree always has multiple reindeer and mooses, with only a bit of extra tinsel and baubles. No Baby Jesus or Tree Fairy for us- just mooses!

Aha- another problem this year- our little pine trees outside in pots are looking half dead, so we need to buy a new tree or go artificial… I’d rather invest in a new live one, but expensive… hmmm.

I’ll just congratulate myself on having any motivation to do stuff at all and stop right here- I blogged as well- yeeharrr!!!


2 thoughts on “Backing up to slam the knockbacks

  1. Your artwork is amazing… I’m totally jealous (in a nice way, of course! lol).

    I totally hear you about finding motivation… I’m having one of those days today!

    Spending way over a year putting a shite-load of time, effort, thought and finances into this band project – and one guy still treats me like his fucking bitch. grrr! Anyways…

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with us. i wish i could do stuff like that, i really do. you help encourage and inspire me to try different things.

    Mal 🙂

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