Mainly flea but a bit of sea…

It was a funny day in Adelaide. Somerton, spring, 3.30pmThings were shitty at home (literally…) so I decided to have a trip to the beach. Off I went, but was so hot in the car, despite the cloudy sky, that I had the aircon on all the way! South of Glenelg the surf was very gentle and the breeze pleasant. The sky had lovely cloud patterns, so this is the result. I’m rather worried about Pascale (the tuxedo cat) who has always suffered from Irritable Bowel Disease as he has taken to trailing horrible watery deposits behind him when he comes inside for meals. Unpleasant also… Should I take him to the vet (and pay by credit card, although I can’t pay it off) or should I hope he just gets better on his own and keep him outside meanwhile?

We’ve had a real flea plague as well- never had flea problems for decades, despite always having at least 2 cats. We have no carpets (a few loose floor rugs), wash the sofa covers and cat bedding regularly, spray skirting boards and under furniture, rugs and crevices regularly with anti-flea surface spray; we have put Spot-on treatments on all the cats, given several of them tablets to kill fleas, sprayed outside under pot-plants and windowsills…but the cats are absolutely infested- always scratching and biting and leaving little black/bloody flea droppings everywhere. I’ve never been bitten but Spotrick claims to have had a few bites. I’m at my wits end about what to do, and I HATE cleaning up all the little dots every day! Heeellllppppp!!!


3 thoughts on “Mainly flea but a bit of sea…

  1. Hiya. So, is this going to be your main blog now? I’m confused a bit… but it doesn’t take much to do that to me, huh? heh heh.

    Mal 🙂

  2. I hope your Pascale gets better. Bonnie and I, too, are experiencing the flea problem. I’m getting that stuff you squeeze onto the back of their necks – I hope that helps.

    Take care, Pascale, take care.

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