Can't get no satisfaction

Having trouble doing a decent blog post- have two half-written because I got sore wrists trying to do them in one sitting! There should be one on childhood memories and toys plus another on something else I've completely forgotten. It was engrossing at the time!!
There's this assignment I'm writing as well- I've got the outline, written about a third and am ploughing through more reading so I can formulate the rest of it. I'm writing about the ethics of prescribing certain medications without doing tests which would tell a doctor whether the patient was likely to benefit from the drug at all. There's a whole lot of stuff about the cost of the drugs, the cost and availability of the tests and the problems when something is prescribed to someone who won't benefit or might be harmed- even die!

Ah- the other blog is about the current "cupcake" epidemic! I'm all for "patty cakes" and "fairy cakes" but this Yank talk of "cupcakes" takes it a bit too far for me. However, media perusal tells me I'm fighting a losing linguistic battle- current mass usage will win, I lose.
There is a red kitty shouting at the door because she has eaten dinner in two seconds flat and wants to chase moths. No go, bubba!
Thommo has "Totally Addicted to Bass" playing on YouTube while he gets us cups of tea and "Criminals In Tents" is on OurTube. In fact it's a tad over stimulating around here.
Oh yes- I'm simultaneously uploading a few nonsense photos onto Flickr. I took them last night in the dark after we came out of Wah Hing restaurant in Gouger St where we had the best Chinese feed you could hope for. Nom noms- shallot pancakes!

OK, back to the assignment.


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