Inspired by Shai

I’ve been inspired again by Shai Coggins’ Blog [] to blog today. She has the theme “Flowers” for her blog and I realised that flowers REALLY DO play a large part in my life, especially with Spring starting. I took the photo on the left last night after I’d come home from having a coffee with a Flickr friend [princessbren2006]. In the backyard, the last rays of the sun were disappearing behind sunset clouds while the last tree-dahlia flowers were hanging down from their 4 metre tower! The colours of sky, clouds and flowers all melted into each other and looked quite romantic.
I tried to organise a visit to the Botanical Gardens today for a walk, but after I’d completed a list of chores around town, I found I had lost my motivation, even though my friend Sal had offered to accompany me. It just felt too late at 3.30 to drive back into town and see the gardens during sunshine before the shadows crawled across and made me sad again. Perhaps I can try to go around lunchtime tomorrow IF the sun stays with us.
My mood has been fairly meh this week since Monday afternoon, although I had been quite energised over the previous 3 or 4 days. I had done cleaning up both inside and outside the house, weeded paving and parts of the back garden, plus planted a new magnolia tree plus several punnets of seedlings. That effort must have depleted my inspiration neurotransmitters so I’m forced to lie low while my brain manufactures more. Now- what ful can I use to fire those danged brain cells? Coffee is the complete anathema for me- tea works better or tonic water- but how many litres must I drink before it takes effect?

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