Perking up even faster!

I’m pleased with myself being able to do a bit more today- more gardening, some major housework. I cleared most of the remaining weeds from the paving and garden, planted lilac lobelias along the edge, then two huge pots of petunias and primulas. The tiny petunia seedlings can take over after the advanced primulas finish, without a gap (hopefully, fingers crossed). I carefully watered them in with Seasol and put snail baits around. Rain is forecast, so everything should work out well.

I attacked our front room- which had become an absolute tip over the last six months. We had kept a small patch near the from door relatively clean but the rest was totally messy, hairy and dusty! I moved heaps of stuff, threw out, packed away, stacked etc. Then I vacuumed first with the smooth cleaner, and again using the big noisy turbo head on the Dyson! I sprayed orange goo on the sticky floorboards where something unmentionable must have been trodden inside and mopped furiously until it cleared! Then I attacked further rugs in the hall, plus all the fluff out of the bathroom; I sprayed anti housedust mite spray over everything and felt very pleased with myself! I guess other people do this stuff every week, but for me it was a momentous occasion and I’m blogging it to reinforce myself!

As soon as I finished, a friend’s husband arrived to collect her photo from our exhibition. It was a really interesting pic which she took from a moving car and caught a bird in flight quite serendipitously! (That’s it at the top, she is Off Beat Mum on Flickr)
As I handed over the pic, I noticed the stormy sky outside, so I grabbed the camera and took pix of that as well!
Then I rushed out the back to rescue any gardening gear in case it got rained on tonight, shortly after which Spotrick arrived home- and here we all are.


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