Still only marginally inspired

Having looked at my previous “listing” blog, I still haven't worked up a spiel for any of those topics. I AM feeling slightly less in the grip of winter blues, but I'm coming up very slowly. The sunnier weather during the past few days has inspired me to get outside and participate in revivifiying the back courtyard. It was messy, had rather a lot of rubbish lying around and many pots were carked or past their prime. Spotrick and I both got out there on Sunday and cleaned a lot of weeds from between the pavers, pruned back roses and cleared dead pots etc. Our friend John rang on Monday to say he wanted to get rid of a Little Gem magnolia which had been in a pot- the newspaper delivery man had broken it nearly every day for 2 years so they decided to re-home it! I dug a hole (well- tried), where our old espaliered olive used to be, bang smack in the middle of the back fence garden. John's magnolia has a pretty solid rootball, so we'll have to prune the roots and the top to make it fit. Once it gets roots down there's plenty of goodness.
I've decided to dispose of most of my potted roses as they look awful most of the year and stop us from having anything else, given the limited courtyard space. There are so many beautiful roses I have photographed in the neighbourhood, I think I can live without most of my own now. I'm going to put yellow petunias and lilac lobelias in pots, with a row of lilac lobelias all around the edge of the courtyard. Currently our giant tree dahlias are finishing their huge sprays of mauve-pink daisy flowers so I can chop them right back for summer. The climbing roses in the corner need tidying, then we will have cream and yellow flowers against the pale ochre garden walls during the hot weather. We only have a row of tall pencil cypresses, 2 giant yucca elephantipes and a maple tree in the back courtyard, so there is scope for adding seasonal colour. My tulip and daffodil pots are just coming into spring flowers, with the white double tulips being first. I'm looking forward to the other bulbs coming out over the next 2 weeks when the courtyard is all neat and clean looking. I can put in a few pix from last year just for a taste of what is to come.


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