Not blogging – listing

What's more I could be listing to starboard or port- any port in a storm and I prefer a Portuguese Niepoort one, please.
I have a few ideas for blog posts but can't rustle up the energy to do it properly.
Shai Coggins got me started on a childhood objects train of thought, but its stuck in a siding somewhere waiting for the milk canisters to be loaded. My old walkie-talkie doll is in the linen cupboard waiting to have her photo taken and then be transported to the doll hospital for new appendages and hair!
I wanted to blog about the troubles in Western China- the poor old Uygurs who have the golden mosques, the huge Muslim schools while the kids live in poverty, beg for food and are barely clothed and seldom washed. The detention of people who use contraception or won't use it; marriages on paper only etc
Then the bloody Russian Baltic types started scrapping again- totally over the top- no regard for the ordinary citizen trying to have a life. Does Russia want the industrial output of little places like Georgia and Indyushetia to prop itself up or what? Is there a tribal component like Serbia? Is it religious- like so many other damned places who have religions- a waste of headspace [religion] in my book. Is it just testosterone? Likely.
I still haven't got my head around Nigeria and its failed health system vs the immense wealth and terrible fighting in its oil regions…
And what about the various permutations of the Congo? Those dumb scammers are still sending out the occasional email about being the poor widow of him and him. They have actually had some decent health programs through there and all..
I'm impressed with the input of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in African countries. So it promotes Microsoft as the system of choice…we can always tell them about Linux once they get used to using stuff properly.
What about the photo trips I've taken recently? I could talk about all sorts of interesting things and scenes- what about that freezing cold little teen surfer the other day when it was barely 10deg in the sun?
Then there's still feeling bleh and unmotivated about life in general- should shut up about that methinks.
And what about all the great knitting ideas I have come across and sketched out? And of course my glass- I was going to compile a photo-essay on how I make it- all the procedures and machinery in the stages of a dish!
The doing is going to keep me going forever- let alone writing any of this down! Phew!


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