Perked up with Plurk!

Since feeling like I was sinking into the slough of despond during the week, I have been perked up by handing in my essay (well, Spotrick did actually), and attending a Social Web Media Bloggers etc Group Dinner Meetup- or whatever.

I am quite non-robotic this morning, and feel I've done my best to get through a demanding week. This week I'll be able to connect with all my new LJ friends in the Fifty something group, catch up with Flickr and do some work on our photo exhibition which has been left in the offing for too long. I also have to make some arrangements for my glass works to be ready and delivered to their venue for the SALA Festival exhibition in early August. I must do a few new works also- haven't been able to for ages because of a shoulder injury and lack of time. Here's a sample of what I do
Not many people seem to understand fused and slumped glass working- I must make a little explanatory brochure to distribute on the Net and in real life. *Errp! Another task for the list*.
Since seeing Flamehair at work on her knitting during the Meetup last night, I've decided that, perhaps, I should be a bit less shy about putting my stuff “out there” for people to see. Life is short, and stashes are huge!

i must insert this link to some street art sculpture which Marcia mentioned at the dinner- it's so creative with limited materials and very effective mounted over subway vents in NY: and

Someone in the Fifty Something Group was worried about malicious people looking at their blog and making life difficult for her. I'm pretty sure no one is interested enough to bother unless I get a job with the United Nations! Even then, who looks at Emmy Kwa's comments to me on Facebook Chat where he threatens to kill me because I am a white non-Muslim dwelling in a Christian country and I believe that grave injustices have been done to human beings in the Southern Sudan (he works for the UN in Sudan…)?? There are some mad people in the world and I can't do much to stop them. There are far nicer people who just like to live and blog. SO I'm not afraid to reveal a bit of myself on here- people who don't like it can stay away- simple!! 🙂 If people think I'm also “mad” because I suffer from depression, then, good riddance to them too- I don't need them and they OBVIOUSLY don't need me!
I'm finding blogging quite therapeutic- more so in LJ than in DepressionNet, where most of the other bloggers are also sufferers- it can get pretty black with some borderline types trying to outdo each other with gruesome accounts of their day.
Spotrick is here on the couch next to me drinking coffee- we “should” be out there doing the Saturday shopping, but a break from routine is as good as a holiday! LOL! We are enjoying our 70% dark choccy and listening to the Stranglers. Can't embed- you'll have to go there!
There are 2 mogs on the couch, 1 in the dirty washing another in the yucca.Mad climber

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