Sunday and having a little trip to the Barossa

We're getting away from the Sea and Vines Festival at McLaren Vale by going to the Barossa Valley wineries instead. The Sea and Vines has become a horrible mess of drunken busloads of youngsters out for a cheap boozy day on cheap wine. It used to be a time to catch up on all the new flavours and perhaps sample a few really yumptious drops, but not these days- we're getting old and stodgy! If we want a night on the piss we go to a friends, eat pizza and watch DVDs of Northern Exposure until we laugh at our own little finger!
Hopefully the Barossa will be full of bare vines- perhaps a few dawdling autumn leaves, plus big rolls of hay in small fields. The wine will be tasty and the winemakers ought to be extra friendly because we've chosen their area over the place with the Festival! Lunch has been organised- I don't know where, but will be welcome, no matter what. There could be the possibility I'll be posting a few photos up afterwards as well! Haha- more like about 150!
The day was pretty COLD for here- averaging about 9degC I'd say. The rain started about halfway through lunch at Restaurant 1918 in Tanunda. It drizzled down softly but steadily for the rest of the time. Lunch was berry nedicious- I didn't have an entree as I can never fit it in, but there was a potato gnocchi and veal shank number that would have gone down well if there's been a large spare stomach handy. My main was numptious- a rich local sirloin steak, accompanied by a rich slice of Barossa bacon (German butchers know all about it), a German black mushroom, a truffle tortellini and lump of truffle butter, caramelised sweet potato and a great brodo surrounding it all. Mmmm- I didn't leave much! My dessert was a Baileys Plate- icecream, parfait with crunchy praline, chocolate sauce, milk chocolate mousse and Persian fairy floss- mmmmmmm!! The dessert pictured is a pile of quince and tartlet with a clear toffee garnish and quince sauce drizzles.
After lunch we mooched about- the moneyed few bought a few souvenirs and we wandered through a famous local store that hand crafts elaborate German style furniture for rich people and board rooms. I found it rather crass and stomach-churning- but that's me.
Then we choofed off to a winery or two, but it was rather late, wet, cold and dark. At Turkey Flat we saw some beautiful vineyard scenery and tasted a few nice drops. I liked the traditional rose best and bought 3 bottles for very little.
We took the “back way” home through the hills behind Gawler and Adelaide, seeing some gorgeous vistas along the way. As John was driving we didn't stop much- not my car and he's not the photoggy type, besides it being bl**dy freezing and damp! I got some nice blur and a few decent shots before it got really dark.
I did not need more than cheese and bickies for dinner, LOL!


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