Ummm- what was the default topic?

We did a mini rescue on Spotrick's parents today- his mum cracked her pelvis on Monday and has been in hospital. Now she's out on painkillers and with a little walking frame as she can't take weight on her leg. She's black and blue with various bruises but seems in pretty good spirits. We got them a few microwavable and easy-to-heat meals as the dad is 85 and too dotty to make much of a contribution to the household. He seems to have confused this time in hospital with another stay that Steve's mum had about 6 months ago when she broke her sternum in a car crash. I never know whether he is kidding or when his memory is up the creek! Anyway, I'm cooking up a few juicy casseroles to freeze for them as most bought stuff is too expensive, the serves are too big and they have all sorts of new fangled stuff in them that elderly English people can't stand! I'm not too good at looking after us at this time of the year- and with a stressful boss in my new job, so it's a wonder I'm still standing!
However, this afternoon we had a good photo trip to the beach, even though it was looking overcast and seemed cold at first. The councils along the coast have stockpiled the beach sand in great big heaps against the winter storms- I wonder if it will work?? Anyway, it made for some good photos!


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