I was very interested to see a documentary on the Paris slums on SBS this afternoon. http://video.sbs.com.au/player/news/index.php?mmid=11069&chid=13
I had seen the riots broadcast on TV several years ago, and had driven past these suburbs a few times in the past. They always looked disgusting and reports of fires in migrant housing in France looked like a recipe for a new French revolution. However, this doco from ye old George Negus was very edifying. There are SO MANY people in these ghastly old housing developments- it's a wonder there hasn't been a major uprising. France has experienced huge influxes of migrants from it's former African holdings, plus from the Pacific. In recent years large numbers of Muslim refugees and migrants have overwhelmed the French welfare system and no reforms seem to have been forthcoming in the way governments and “councils” distribute their budgets across the community. They seeem to have the same problem as South Australia- money for stadiums and sport rather than housing for the under-resourced.

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