Big Week

I have had a very full week compared to my usual. AS I now have 3 bosses for 3 different things at the one place, a university course to do (which had a big assessment thing this week), commitments re a photo exhibition that a group of friends are doing at the end of July, another artsy commitment to show my glass in a local business with a gallery cum boardroom at the same time, keeping my depression in check will be a bit hairy. However, I feel that I'm coping OK- still sleeping fine- except for the same old moggies invading space and making noises- and there is the household to maintain, the bills to pay, Spotrick feeling a bit icky, plus the 4 cats! Not much relaxation-photography got done this week and I've noticed it's hard to get your pix noticed by the Explore humans at the moment. Just as well I don't depend on outside appreciation to keep photogging! Luckily a good friend who lives nearby was able to give me a lift home today as I've been spending a small fortune on parking this week.
The light northerly winds have been making me all itchy and wheezy- my room-mate at work was quite shocked by my red eyes and swollen face this morning. Spotrick and I are used to it- but it's not a pretty sight really! If I could have a bit of prednisolone for it would be great, but my current GP doesn't believe in it. Funny how treatment depends on who administers it rather than what the patient finds helpful. I can't take the new antihistamines because they make me quite peculiar (well… more than usual)- and I feel quite “high” and jumpy and out of breath on them. They obviously interact with something else I take, or my liver enzymes are fully occupied. I can take the old fashioned sleepy antihistamines at the weekend, but I don't want to sleep all the time! Spotrick just gets really sore sinuses and drowns himself in Panadeine. My sinuses haven't been bad on many days so far, but I'm nervous of them!
It looks like Spotrick is trying to go to bed now but 2 cats have got him pinned down! Perhaps I'll find a pic from when I was walking home yesterday and I managed to take a photo of the sunset.


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