Child abuse and neglect

  I really cannot see what was the merit of placing this photo on the Net, with the “amused” comments of the journalist/photographer. This little smoker (all of 9 years old) rules her household, her mother not being “powerful” enough to reprimand her for smoking and pseudo-adult behaviour. The child attends a school for “difficult” children, most of whom are apparently schizophrenic or otherwise disturbed. The sexualised appearance and smoking behaviour really worry me, apart from the fact this was publicised in Life Magazine. Why aren't the child's parents being counseled about their obvious neglect of her upbringing, allowing her to expose herself to health hazards, moral harm and for not attending a mainstream school? What is going on in the world? If the parents can afford a paddling pool, cigarettes and a fancy swimsuit for the child, why can't they put similar resources into a decent upbringing? If they can't, she needs to be placed in a safer environment. I just can't believe it!!

Exposure – Afterword by Mary Ellen Mark – Page 1


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