No backups- familiar story…

OF COURSE, dang it ^&****!! my hard disk died when I hadn't backed up my home stuff for months- grrrr. Luckily, I always back up my “jobs”- all except the documents I was sending to one of my current bosses when the HD carked it. And ..phew… she had received the stuff OK and could send me back a copy so I could keep working on it, LOL! I was so relieved because it was a horrible editing job involving formatting in a particular journal style. The job was to convert from one journal style to another without the benefit of EndNote, change from passive to active voice and re-jig the formatting. All my other work stuff is already on a work computer and my Flash drive, as usual.

It's awful having to revivify all your old links and re-install favourite programs, let alone get all the options pesonalised again. Yuck- plus there are all the updates and patches for bl**dy MS Vista that take umpty gigabytes- grrrr. I could not even get anyone to find a single bit of data on the old HD- Ghost was useless. Maybe a nice human at Dell could sort it out for me under warranty- I DON'T THINK SO!! [as they said in the song].

All my photos, except a few from very recently have gone. I only have the ones on Flickr now, plus a few that got stashed in my camera memory. Amazingly a photo session from about 2 weeks ago, plus all my by session from the olive grove in the parklands was still there. I'm so pissed about my Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens shot- so many were so lovely [well, IMHO] and they're lost till autumn next year when I can re-see the scenery.


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