A quick blog with cold tootsies.

I need to rave on here about all the “passive voice” writing I come across in my meanderings into editing and reading academic journals. I used to write passive voice with the best of them when this was demanded by the rulemakers of the universe. The The Lancet got all chatty and wanted active voice and quite a journalistic style- it was a bit of a shock! Now I find that passive voice pops up all over and feels really “distancing” to me to read. I just helped out a blog-friend with a newsletter and someone had written some really passive stuff about communication. I felt that it was a real barrier to communication, right there in this newsletter encouraging really getting down to the nitty gritty! Ironic- anyway- all I could do was comment and maybe someone will change things another time. Maybe not- it's their business!
Meanwhile another blogfriend has asked about whether I notice people blogging about blogging! Yep- that's what I do when I can't think of anything else! Here I am- at it again, LOL!
I DO like the blogs about everyday crises and resolutions, but the insy winsy ones about people chatting to others I've never met get up my goat!
Now I must warm my wheatbag animile and go to bed- cold tootsies rule, OK!?
Oops uploaded wrong pic and sideways- bugga- fix 2morow.


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