We're all out of doves, you'll have to take ptarmigans

Just took a look at Samela Harris' blog on South Australian pelicans – a noble and beautiful cause.
It reminded me of my occasional strange “pre occupation” with certain birds and their names! [Yep I know I'm a fruitcake at times]. For instance, that song whose title I've pinched- anyone recognise it in disguise? I'll leave you to wrack your brains- it'll do you good!

Doves are OK birds- they look and sound friendly, but make a mess- but hey! -they're just doing bird stuff- it fits their society, not ours- and they came first, LOL! I could never really tell a dove from a pigeon, except with those crested things, the coloured fruit doves in Queensland and the fancy white ones that I was always rescuing from far flung places and taking to the bird rescue centre in Felixstowe or somewhere or other I never go otherwise. I must look up a bit of ornithological data, seeing I'm a data freak… Might post some links if I feel energetic.

Ptarmigans started to interest me when I heard THAT song- so I discovered they were sweet little spotty birds who mainly lived in the UK.

[Hat tip to Laurielabar on Flickr]
I spent a bit of time trying to spot them when we holidayed there, and kept pouncing on displays of them in zoos for a while. Their name is kinda neat, too- rolls off the tongue in a warm, cheerful way. I also had a thing for plovers after I saw some walking very cutely in the Healesville Wildlife Park near Melbourne & the Yarra Valley.

[Hat tip to Fotomaker123 on Flickr.]
They looked like super confident little guys, their shape, colours and walk all said “I'm a bloody good bird and I'm a survivor”! They encouraged me t feel less depressed! SO I went on a bit of a plover jag- looking them up, reading about them, trying to spot them near water, on beaches etc. Their name is neat and sort of sounds like a dove noise, don't you think- sort of like a soft verbal hug! LOL!

Back to pelicans- I'm not a great bird watcher- tried it a bit, especially on the Daintree River, but really, I just like photographing them if I can get close enough. A superlong lens is more my idea of a picnic than one of those tedious “bird hides”. There used to be lots of pelicans in the place I grew up, Port Macquarie in NSW. In fact they named part of the town after them- Pelican Point. There's a huge marina-style resort there now, plus the usual shopping excrescences. It used to be a sandspit in the Hastings River, just opposite the trawler wharf and about 1km inland from the river mouth. Pelicans had obviously been in the area for thousands of years- correct me if you're an Aboriginal Australian with family in the area who know better. Anyway- those pelicans- I was always trying to get good photos of them. On one occasion, armed with a new 500mm catadioptric lens and one of my old SLRs (the one the guy in Amsterdam mugged me for, and the American Eagle Insurance Company wouldn't pay out on…another tale of woe)I took some real beauties with the pelicans sailing serenely on the water and taking off in great flappy messes. The prints cam out with marvellous blue water, fantastic yellow beaks and the most fascinating circular lens flare/bokeh/interference- little circles of light sparking like donut diamonds! I must have some copies of these pix SOMEWHERE in the pile of boxes that comprise the “spare”/craft room- off to search for them tonight!!
If you can't figure out my musical allusions, try…

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