Hmm. Well today I did some work on my Nigeria essay and went to the dentist for a checkup. The Nigeria essay is not progressing well- I can't get a creative boost about it- I keep going over mundane, routine points with it and can't get into the stuff that makes my approach unique. I'm applying various points from the lectures to the problem, but I'm not sticking to just one approach like I should be according to the guidelines. I'm finding it hard to conceptualise what goes on in Nigeria without having an account of it from people who live there. My contacts there have not been wildly forthcoming lately- perhaps they have got into trouble for telling me stuff? I'd hardly think that what we've talked about online has been all that vital, except for some stuff connected with the recently sacked Health Minister who is the cousin of my friend's mother. The international media haven't said much, considering the magnitude of the fraud that's been occurring. Not a lot of kerfuffle about the rising maternal and infant death rate there, either. I would have thought that problems if that size in a country so rich, might have aroused major concern… I guess because it's Africa and the people's skins are black then it doesn't count that a country of 140 million people are being killed off my their corrupt leaders while the country rolls in oil revenue. I've subscribed to “Nigeria Health Watch” , which is interesting; some of the blogs from Nigeria I have got onto via Twitter and Facebook are illuminating. But having no fast personal interaction with anybody right in the scene makes it hard for me to be certain about anything I deduce and say.

I guess its just an essay I'm doing, but I deliberately went after an interesting topic to keep me involved in the uni work- so I wouldn't find it come sort of pointless academic exercise. In fact, it's become quite personally fascinating for me and I feel that I actually care about the health of poor Nigerians- is that TOO involved? Anyway, I can only write what I write and try to get a good mark- I can't change the world.
Still- it's terribly enthralling to me!

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