Adelaide Blogs and Bloggers I have Met

Well- I don't know about the blogs and blogger crowd here. So many people seem to be into making business out of blogging. Frankly, a lot of it sounds terribly boring to me… [sorry, guys- just telling you how I really feel at the moment!]. I used to teach Communications at uni. and was doing a PhD on Non verbal communication -and still,  a lot of this blog stuff just doesn't gel with me. I see a lot of the blogging I've met lately as a sort of persuasion and boosting up of things which are essentially rather “every day” commodities. I'm quite enjoying other blogs- perhaps those that are similar to mine, where people talk about their interests, what they have heard and sen and how they are getting on in First Life (not Second Life, heh!]. I suppose some bloggers in the Adelaide Bloggers Meetup Group blog for a living, or use tools that can be communicated via blog. So that is fine for them, but I don't get much so far from their blogs, apart from some diverting political/topical discussion. I don't think I can follow many of these blogs for long as I'm am fundamentally not on the same wavelength, but I will persist for a while to see if I get into it. I can't imagine how blogging can be much help in the jobs that I get [very occasionally]. I mainly do social science/marketing/mental health data crunching and report writing; research proposals; article reviews etc. For recreation I'm into photography, all sorts of creative crafts- especially glass slumping and socialising with friends- mainly over yummy food and good wine. The place of a professional-style blog in this escapes me.
Perhaps someone can give me an idea of how blogging could improve my career prospects… taking courses, attending employment seminars and networking with my current contacts doesn't get me far. And if I do get a job, someone plagiarises my work and gives me the sack; or their department runs out of money after employing me for a day per week for 3 months and THEY have to give me the sack. Writing scientific articles and getting them published does me no good at all- just creates grief; yet the longer I go before I publish another one, the more job interveiwers say “it's a long time since you did anything in your field…”. beats me- OK, let me know how blogging might get me back on the rails, PLEEEASE!!!


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