Meeting other bloggers…

The Adelaide Webloggers [] are having a meet-up tonight at a well known pizza restaurant [Bocelli]. I'm interested to see what we'll say to each other as I don't know most of them in person at all- just 2 in real life and one more online. I haven't FOUND the blogs of most people in the group, let alone followed them. I seem to share some background and interests with the organiser (Shai Coggins:, but what of the others? Are they bloggers who just write stuff down for their own interest, rather than trying to communicate with others through blogging, or are they great social critics??  Must add to this shortly after I've sorted out the Vitamin C…
I have very little idea how to make my blog look attractive- will someone be able to help me out? I usually insert all sorts of links and images I've come across elsewhere, just as other people might put them in or Digg, and this suits me fine- but does it annoy others? Maybe no one looks at my blog because they hate the images? Who knows? I don't aim to amuse others, but it would be nice if SOMEONE was amused! LOL! I'm the usual sort of person who finds some comfort and self esteem in the fact that others might share my interests or jokes!
How do people make their blogs worth returning to by people “out there”? I occasionally lok at a few of my LJ friends' blogs, but I'm by no means a regular visitor- I often find what they write is so divorced from my own little world that it doesn't make much sense! Perhaps that's what mine is like for others.
Anyway, the pizzas will be good even if the meet-up sheds little light on the topic of blogging! Here's hoping it's actually an exciting evening!

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