Must blog must blog…

I'm right out of nifty stuff to say- perhaps some musing on yesterday's photo trip with Esther.
We arranged to meet at Brighton Jetty early in the morning to do some photography which might be suitable for the group exhibition we are part of. The exhibition is an amateur group of 20 Flickr colleagues who are members of the SA Central Group. We are becoming part of the SALA/South Australian Living Artists Festival in August. I've been part of the festival before, through a gallery where I showed my slumped glass and beaded jewellery. At the time I found it a great blast- and sold one or two pieces as well. Now we have to decide what photos to exhibit on the theme of “Movement”- it's more difficult than I thought.
At the beach we  spent some time hanging around the jetty, photographing the gorgeous blue and green of the gulf, with the harsh concrete pylons covered in salt as foreground. I could spend hours there just photographing the waves, sand and colours, but Esther seemed a bit bored there and wanted to get on with finding something for the motion capture! Fortunately there were many joggers and people walking their dogs, both on and off leash. We clicked and followed and I even fell over twice twisting in the sand to catch speedy dogs, LOL! There were big and small, hairy and smooth dogs; slow ones like the dachshund and ex-racing greyhounds streaking by. Some chased balls and seemed to be excellent subjects for photography, others were so sedate I felt like barking at them myself!
I took about 160 shots, some promising but none really suitable. On getting the pix downloaded and edited at home, there wasn't a “stand-out” shot that I thought was on the money- too boring, not unusual enough, not well framed, too contrasty, not contrasty enough, of course the really blurry vs. the artistically blurry were represented- always a fine line…

I really need something that will catch the eye of the public- something that's either colouful, eye-zappingly contrasty, terribly cute or unusual, perhaps fantastic definition on some dog fur- the mouth holding a ball.. artistic splashes of water flying from legs and backs… Should there be a whole dog, or would part of a dog be good enough if it was sufficiently striking? Should the dog be a little blurry to show motion, or should it be frozen in mid step? These are all problems to ponder- I certainly don't seem to be much closer to a solution after those 160 attempts!
Perhaps something will come to me out of the blue… perhaps my cats will be capable of staying within range while I snap them playing?
Then again- what about all those night shots I've taken from the car of moving lights? Could one of those be a goer??
How about grass or palms waving in the wind? The inevitable water ripples, as already considered in my past musings- also the subject of several other people's efforts…
Hmm..- now perhaps I'll load a few of the pix in here so someone can see what I mean…


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