Mack at night

Mack at night
Originally uploaded by Rohan Phillips

Now this is one of Rohan's that I like- it's a bit arty and mysterious, while still clearly showing the features of the truck! I try to be flexible about what I think is “art” in photography,, but sometimes my Flickr friends really test me out! When I see a technically nice photo of a truck driving down a road I just feel as though I've been for a trip down a crowded road- which I do every day. When I see something like this, it adds something new and visually attractive to my day so I think “now that's art”! The same with Jayjuice's pix of building sites and stuff- sometimes they are just like building sites I pass in the car or while walking onto the road because the danged building works have taken over the pavement- they arouse neutral or annoyed feelings. Then again, when something dramatic, colourful or with interesting lines and angles dominating it pops into my field of vision I can say “Now THAT's art”! It's all in the eye of this beholder!

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