Ah, dear old Venice…

Venice winter 1980
Originally uploaded by Murfomurf

Once upon a time I went to Venice- on my own as no one wanted to go anywhere in Italy except Rome and Florence- crazy guys! It was smack in the middle of winter, but Venice wasn't very cold, icy or snowed on- it felt quite good. It was certainly deserted, and I had a lovely time walking around all over the place, without encountering crowds of tourists. I found my way to everywhere, saw everything- and what's more- no entry fees and I even scored free food! LOL! I must have looked like a waif of the storm, as I was only a small person then- under 5 ft tall and with blonde hair to my waist, wrapped up in a London duffel coat! People at cafes and restaurants gave me extra slices of pizza and coffee, free glasses of wine because I couldn't get through a whole bottle! I had my old Yashica camera with the wonderful 1:1.2 lens (which was mugged off me in Amsterdam later that trip…). Luckily I save d the film with this pic on it and a few others. On arriving back, I had a few large prints made, then loaned the slides to my friend S so she could make a set of prints to hang in her new house. Alas, the slides went missing and this is all I have left. Wonderful memories, though.


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