That's not a sculpture!


Surely this is a fluffy toy! LOL! I love the pose and the colour- but, let's face it- it's a fluffy rabbit!

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After this little gem (lol) I came across some absolutely gorgeous gems at:

I've loved diamonds since I was a kid, but, being an ordinary everyday sort of person, I haven't encountered many in my time! I love gazing at them, especially unset- I'm not particularly attracted to huge window displays full of engagement rings! I always visit the diamond merchants at the large airports and have a lovely time pretending to haggle with them over a few small stones. They don't seem to mind that I will never buy anything- I always say “in my dreams” and they say “Oh but we take Visa” etc. It's fun. I DO own one very nice diamond, about 0.70 of a carat, which used to be in my mum's engagement ring. It's a truly beautiful stone- extremely white and sparkling- and much admired by jewellers when I go in to have a squizz at things or to get it cleaned. They'll always seize on it and gaze fiercely through their monocle things, exclaiming at how nice it is.
Wouldn't it be lovely to be wealthy and be able to buy a nice diamond for myself occasionally! Yeah- well- dream on, eh?! No one has ever bought me a diamond, so I'm lucky to have my mum's. I've bought myself a few other tiny ones in past (very past) years- a few little white ones and a teensy weensy 5pt pink one- quite a good medium, slightly mauvish pink. I remember once being in hospital [the old asthma and chest infections story]- next to a woman who was busy being diagnosed with SLE [systemic lupus erythematosus]- some say this is what wrecked Beethoven, but I don't know how true that is. She was a beautiful woman of about 50 whose husband was in the mining industry (I think he might have been a mine owner or something, early on in the Argyll Mines). She had grown children, lived in several wonderful houses around the world, dressed elegantly and seemed to have a terrific life- except it was threatening to end swiftly with the diagnosis of this SLE in her lungs. Anyway, her husband came in one day with a blue velvet bag and told her to look inside… it contained about 6 large pink diamonds- they must have been worth millions!! She handed them around and her husband said she could have one of them set in a ring of her own design, to encourage her along with recovery. Wow- all the patients in our verandah ward handled these beautiful things- you could tell they were special- not glass or zirconia- and I've never forgotten. I guess the woman died not long after, but she was so thrilled that her husband was giving her this amazing gem that she must have been pretty happy for the remainder of her days. Lucky to have such a gorgeous husband as well! I was only about 18 and thought they were all pretty ancient, but I can remember they were a very attractive pair for their age! However, I still find pink diamonds just as attractive as ever. Ah- where's that X-lotto win, eh?!


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