Music making on my computer

Dreamstation rides again (at my place)! Dreamstation is laptop software that allows you to compose tunes, using a variety of instrument sounds (built-in) or plug in devices such as Midi keyboards and other digital sound generators. I had a brief flirtation with it several years ago after I had found Cubase III too hard to set up each day- very frustrated with not being able to easily playback things I had just written and allocate the parts to instruments quickly- plus getting rhythm/percussion sounds in parallel was a nightmare. Dreamstation seemed much easier, so when I changed from Mac to PC I always meant to get a new copy and get into writing music again. Alas, other interests and circumstances intervened and I haven’t got back to it till now. I’ve been partially encouraged by my Flickr friend:
who is an Irish American musician of many talents. He sent me a CD of his work last year and I’ve got off my bum at last and downloaded the new Dreamstation II. It will take me days to crank out my first decent tune, but I’ve already wacked out 16 bars with harmony and percussion after just 30mins! You can download a usable demo from :
and after that it’s $US79.
I’ll be occupying my time [some might say wasting…] in the next few days by trying to write something that sounds vaguely listenable! I’m not a keyboard musician, but a wind player, so I have to laboriously play things in on the computer visual piano keyboard- but I can sort of hear vague tunes in my head but without perfect pitch. The underbelly of my brain always has huge amounts of music buzzing about in it- I just need to sound it out on a “keyboard” in order to get it into an external form so I and others can finally hear it! I wrote my first tune when I was about 3 or 4 years old and wrote quite a few (only 2 or 3 part) tunes, but my dad banned me from learning music and made me leave my violin (quarter size!) in New Zealand when we moved to Australia. We didn’t have a piano in the house again until I bought an old one in my twenties while I was studying music at uni. Now I have a Korg midi keyboard, but I need to hook it up to a new amplifier and speakers as it’s all out of date and incompatible with my laptop… A project that will take a little time and money.
Now off to write a few tunes and watch Midsomer Murders- I can never do just one thing at a time!!


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