Not a lot!

I haven't had much time this week as I've been working on stuff for uni. However, it paid off in spite of our group not being able to get together as a group (5 of us) before we gave the presentation. And …yayyy!!!… we got a Distinction!!! I haven't had one of those for centuries. Now I just have 2 do another group presentation and 2 essays to drag myself over the line. I hope I do well enough that they let me transfer into the Masters from the Grad Dip. as I have a million ideas of things for a dissertation. It is really weird how there are 2 polar opposite views on what “policy” is. I've always been annoyed at the state health system because they always employed people to “write policy” who were sociologists and social workers by trade. In addition, they all seemed to be very concerned about the actual “writing” and not what goes on behind the scenes which might or might not support the content of the policy. SO people developed a “policy” on housing homeless women. The content just raved on in a million flowery words about women's issues and how they need more rights as its only humane and giving equity etc. Nothing about how many women need what sort of shelter for how long and what reasons are they coming for? Where is the money to be acquired from. What programs are competing for the same money that might lead to the same outcomes etc. Also, they ignored any written submissions that weren't in their own peculiar jargon. It made me determined NEVER to study policy of anything! Now I've got into this course that recognises that policy is just a small step out of a big chain of pre-conditions and requirements and whose consequences must be carefully probed before too much action goes ahead. The government politics has also really worried me in the past- and this has been confirmed by this course- it's a dirty game and doesn't seem fair on the population who depends upon it to help them out. The policies go with the powerful lobbies and the people who are meant to benefit have little option but to take what they can get. Oh well- cruel world.


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