What have you tried in life that you just weren't very good at?

Team sports! Absolutely bl**dy hopeless! I tried and tried as a kid- I never knew the rules, and when I eventually was able to find a written copy- it was all in jargon and didn't make any sense at all. I couldn't see any sort of ball once it was moving, except a basketball (yeah- BIG enough), I couldn't hold a bat or racquet properly, even a golf club gave me blisters after years of playing golf! Worst of all, I couldn't figure out who was on which team and what they were trying to do- it all seemed complete chaos! This all meant that I spent most of my childhood sports afternoons (one per week compulsory) in a fog of confusion, not enjoying it at all! Gymnastics, high jumping, running (not friggin' relays- take the team away, please!), bicycle riding, balancing on the top of the neighbours' fence- fine fine fine, but stuff involving others- craaaaap!
These days work  teams seem OK (although maybe I'm wrong and that's why I can't get a job any more!!), they move slowly enough that I can tell exactly what they're doing! I may not like it, but I can surely see what they're on about, all right! I think I have the right sort of spirit for team work as long as everyone moves slowly- maybe I could try that crazy sort of bicycle race where everyone has to go as slowly as possible for hours and then sprint to the finish! LOL! Naaahhh- I hate bike-riding with a vengeance- oh, well- some of us are just individuals.


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