It's suddenly Saturday..,

Well, I haven't but much of myself into my blog this week- I used it all up in other places! Some people find it annoying when blogs fill up with links, like mine is starting to, but I find it's good and useful. I'm definitely getting more into writing the blog just for myself and reading other people's for “news”. StumleUopn is yeilding lots of interesting things for me, so I've been following a lot of those, reading stuff and enrolling for cool activities like the Stardust project. [I really should put in a link for that one…] I'm also finding that apart from Flickr/photography, the main things that attract me are sciency- astronomy, physics, maths, optics, medical curiosities and discoveries, neuroscience etc. I feel much happier now I am connecting with that forgotten aspect of my brain. I remember participating in SETI@home some years ago, and had lost touch with all that space exploration stuff. Now with the Stardust Project I can feel I can contribute again. Astrophysics would have been such a terrific career- except there are hardly any jobs except for the geniuses! Two of my friends' sons are astrophysicists, so I just have to get some vicarious jollies!
This pic I posted on Flickr has a sort of surreal, spacy feel to it as far as I'm concerned, so I think it's appropriate here:Snaky seat


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