Causes of Poverty – Global Issues

Causes of Poverty – Global Issues

I must keep all this in mind when I'm thinking about health spending in my uni course- it must be so hard for governments to balance all the competing demands on taxpayers' money.

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I always go back to the example of Costa Rica, which used to be far more conflict-ridden and poor than it is now. They basically have a pacifistic government, where they refuse to “waste” money on an army and defence. They have trained capable citizens in basic medical and educational skills so that the general standard of living can be raised without huge national spending (as the people are too poor to get decent jobs [even if Costa Rica had them available], and pay lots of tax). If you look at the GapMinder simulations of world health and income for comparable countries, you will see that Costa Rica is succeeding in gains beyond its apparent means. I applaud them!


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