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Hmmm- haven't been in here for a while…
Not a creative post- just a newsy one so I can look back at it later. I found sansbeignet's blog and decided I may have to start making my own bit look a bit more jazzy- but not today!

Back to uni tomorrow after having an enforced year off due to lack of income for the fees… I was so mightily upset and pissed off last year when I got 2 weeks into the semester and found I had no income any more and it was then too late to get Fee Help- grrrr!!! I yelled and screamed and stamped my foot and ripped up all my course material and threw it in the bin! And this is the behaviour of a 55-year old! Imagine if I was young and enthusiastic, LOL! After a lot of futzing about this year I finally got the right boxes ticked, greased various wheels, got the right passwords and documents and got myself enrolled again- what a business- far too much for someone who is basically depressed and totally browned off about the whole deal in the first place. Still, I am pleased I persisted and will start afresh with “Public Health Interventions” and that excellent lecturer we had last year!

I guess I'll be the “old bag” of the class again- but only externally. There are always a lot of people who are very old in the head doing uni courses. I know, having taught students at various unis for 13 years during my youth, and sporadically since.

What always appalled me about teaching uni students was how dumb, ignorant, inarticulate and uneducated the majority of them were! I would think to myself “How did this little prawn matriculate??? What were their schoolteachers thinking encouraging this lame brain to go to university??”. Terrible to think/say it- but I'm sure it strikes a chord with many lecturers! SO many students couldn't spell, write (let alone think) in a useful way for really learning stuff that might serve them some good in the present/future. It was so hard trying to insist on a certain standard or level of displayed knowledge, rather than just passing everyone who bothered to hand work in on time. And then some of the sillier ones would decide they didn't “like” what you were teaching them! Obviously I didn't “like” a lot of the material I had to teach them either, but the curriculum writers usually feel that people need to be exposed to certain topics before they tackle others- try telling some self-opinionated teenagers this- hopeless! For some students I really didn't give a stuff whether they passed or failed- they just seemed unsuited to any position in a world that required a university degree. But there they are out there in charge of all sorts of places these days- I shudder to think about the parents whose children go to schools where these people still teach, LOL! Talk about tragedies in the making. I've even had stories from a well known private school, that parents wonder how a particular teacher got their job there and that they are totally unsuccessful in trying to get them turfed- well don't blame me, guys- I tried!!

On the other hand, some students were absolute dreams to associate with! Sure, many of them argued and bitched about the courses, but they had actually put some thought into their ranting, and were able to relate together stuff I'd taught them in different sections of their courses to produce something useful in the real world ;[plus of course, all the other stuff they'd learned along the way]. Great white hopes! I've noticed most of these have gone on to quite interesting positions now, so I wasn't such a bad judge of what it took to succeed.

At least when I go back tomorrow, all the students will already have undergraduate degrees, and the mix of backgrounds will be a terrific stimulus to class discussions and projects. There will be no one who isn't at least fairly interested in the work and the lecturer won't have to battle the recalcitrants! We can just all get on with acquiring the letters after our names that are today's job tickets and hopefully enjoy ourselves along the way.

I looked back and thought “Boy, I've just produced another rant!!”. Anyway, there you are- blogging brings out my inner ranter!


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