Must write in here more…

I saw Shai Coggins' blog today and see that she explains a lot about her life, experiences and what she's doing. I tend to think that no one will read my blog except me, and I already know what I do and think! I guess I'll have to try and externalise a bit. I don't generally write about how I've been feeling, as I'm often down and writing it down seems counterproductive, but I could focus on the positives and a few neutrals, couldn't I? My new camera arrived, which I had ordered on the Internet last week, from Sydney. It's a beauty as far as I'm concerned- a Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd, for those who are camera geeks. It has a wide angle to telephoto range (18x zoom) with a maximum aperture of 2.8. It also allows me to have manual control when I want it, which I have been missing while using my dear little 8-year old Sony Cybershot. I am stuck in the era of wanting an ISO around 100 and as fast a shutter speed as I can get to capture action and minimise movement. I don't like the Auto part of cameras when they insist I shoot at ISO800 because I don't want all that grain unless there's no other way of acquiring the shot. A digital SLR would have been nice, but Thommo (my partner) already has a new one of those- a Sony Alpha100, and I can borrow that if I'm pining for one! My old manual SLR (a Fujica with a 50mm 1.4 lens) was such a nice thing- and I have 2 beaut Tamron lenses for it that we are going to fit on the Sony Alpha. However, I am addicted to instant results with digital and don't seem to be able to make myself go back to film. I DO have film in the old SLR currently, but I don't notice myself shooting furiously to get the results! LOL! My first pix with the new camera have been pretty good- the first macro actually went straight onto Explore on Flickr, which was a huge surprise. I just want to take photos that I find enjoyable to look at- if others like them, that's OK, but I'm not into changing what I do to fit a category or expectation. I don't know how well people think of my photos- I can't be objective about them- I just look and think “Yep, that appeals” or “Nup- not that one” and it's hard to explain what I like about my own pix. I am finding it hard to choose a photo to put in our FlickrSA exhibition at the Austral Hotel for SALA in August- I'm going to get some friends to help me pick out the most suitable from about 5 possibles.
Perhaps in a few days I'll write in here about how I feel about not having a job… maybe not.


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